Film and stage

Although certainly far from the number of films about Mozart, there is still a whole range of films, including feature films, which are associated with Robert Schumann or even deploy him as the protagonist. Far more frequently, of course, Robert Schumann is featured as a “film composer”, that is, his music is documented as film soundtracks, and there are also a few stage plays, older but also contemporary ones, which make room either for his person or his work or both. In this, both films and stage plays often feature the artist couple Clara and Robert Schumann with a view to the problems involved.

Information on films and on the availability of DVDs can be found in “ZweitausendeinsLexikon des Internationalen Films” [“2001 Encyclopaedia of International Films”]:, or in the comprehensive source including all technical details:, or also, with basic data only, in the Online Film Database ( ).

(I.B., translated by Thomas Henninger)

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